POTENTIAL SPACE (LONDON) extended edition 2018

36 Rahmen á 40×40, Nussbaumholz mit entspiegeltem Glas

Regal mit Archivierten Fundstücken der Recherche

Diashow á 36 Dias orginale Potenzielle Räume – London

European, Foreign & Domestic

The Averard Hotel, 10 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3LH

“Karlsbad is rather pleasant, but Marienbad is unbelievably beautiful […] I imagine if I were Chinese and were about to go home (indeed I am Chinese and I am going home), I would make sure of returning soon, and at any price. How you would love it!” Franz Kafka, letter to Felice Bauer, 15 May 1916

European, Foreign & Domestic works from the principle of displacement as the engine that generates identity. We aim to disturb outdated concepts of originality, origins, the original; attempt to destabilize the boundary between individual and the collective, and to locate contemporary subjectivity in its connections with other entities. The self has become synonymous with its meta-data. Identities are created and propagated via reciprocal exchange networks of commerce, information and language. An ecological spirit of re-purposing and re-cycling materials, forms and ideas animates EF&D, mirroring cycles of borrowing and lending cultural meanings in the wider world, whose values are constructed by the operation of displacement from their perceived origins, in time and space. EF&D applies these ideas of reciprocity by working with collaborative artist duos and collectives from across the world, some with established working relationships, others collaborating for the first time in this exhibition, yet others in a contrived cohabitation. Sometimes we need to make less sense to make more meaning; let us communicate without translation.

“[Q: Would you have become the same artist without Jeanne-Claude?] 
It’s the same question to ask, “What would happen if I were Chinese?” (Laughs) We cannot discuss these things – if, if, if – there are no ifs,“ Christo, February 2015

Louis Amar et Marie Amar (Paris, FR)

Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine (Cornwall, UK)

Michael Iveson (London, UK)

Jack Brindley (Glasgow, UK)

Marc Einsiedel & Felix Jung (Hamburg, DE)

The Community (Paris, FR; Finland; New York, USA; London, UK)

Ittah-Yoda (Berlin, DE; London, UK; France)

Ophelia Finke  JJ Lincoln (Frankfurt, DE; London, UK)


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